Version Control

This may be the one aspect of the human experience where I think machines dominate.

In IT, version control is simply a way of tracking changes.

In the age of “marketing yourself”/instafame/trolling, it’s become a way of exposing only the best of the best of our offerings. I’m no different I guess, but I do not condone reaching so far for an impression that it starts to have REAL meaning in your life. If you understand nothing, you have to realize, it’s all make-believe. Which by it’s very nature, will never result in anything meaningful.

Meaning takes time, intention, and being the first one clear on your imperfections. So clear that you’re not only aware, but proud. Proud of what the world rejects, proud of all the things that have caused you grief, proud of every rolled eye and middle finger aimed in your direction. Meaning requires having a machine like interpretation of your versions, not just of the past, but those yet to come. 

This is why I believe machines have it mastered. The version we are today is a reflection of where we’ve been and where we want to go, if we’ve discovered meaning.

If not, the version we are today is simply a piece of us, almost always a small piece, which in-turn, makes us feel insignificant. It’s not representative of who we truly are, and what we truly desire, it’s representative of what we think the world wants to see, which I’ve discovered, isn’t much.

Whichever philosophy you subscribe to, there’s one universal truth that holds true regardless of personal revelations: this is it; there’s no do-over.

Don’t go to your grave trying to decipher the desires of the world around you. If you ask for my definition of hell, it would be pretty close to that. 

I believe the super-natural uses the human experience to bring things to life, and that we all have a role in that mission. Don’t turn your back on it in an attempt to please those that have also turned their back on it. At the end of the day, unfortunately, those are the only folks interested in a piece of you in exchange for all you were intended to be. There’s an unannounced group of missionaries amongst us called “followers of the world”. So I feel the need to say…

It’s permissible to be complex; it’s permissible to make all versions of yourself, past, present, and future accessible. It’s not just permissible, it’s necessary.

May your current version be just a snip-et of time, and not our lowest common denominator, what the world wants to see.

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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