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I am the queen of mishap. I’ve done everything the hard way, twice. It’s never been my intention — I’ve just yet to discover a better way — you don’t know what you don’t know — and when  I made the decision I wanted more out of life — that was all I did know.

I was your typical angry kid. For about 3 years I walked the line of academic excellence and detention. Of course trouble was simply my way of coping. I was destine to re-create the very life that fueled my anger until two teachers intervened. It was a simple question — but it changed the course of my life forever. I pray I have the opportunity to do for someone what they did for me. This is the space where I lay it all on the line with that one goal in mind.

I start with a welcome; and the same open door to change they revealed to me:

Why are you wasting your potential?


If you’re internalizing the question as I did at the time — you should see that you have a choice in the matter. YOU are either feeding your potential or you are wasting it. If you’re wasting it — you either don’t realize you have it — or don’t know how to tap into it. Realizing it is a choice. We all have it. You either choose to believe in you or you don’t. Tapping into it requires much more than believing, especially in the absence of resources.

Own and on is about moving (key word) from a state of awareness/enlightenment/or whatever else you want to call it, to a state of living the life you envision for yourself. Doing that requires massive action. If you want to succeed, you have to do it yourself. It’s simple but not easy. Here I write about personal triumphs and tribulations. I write for all of my DIY dreamcatchers — I write for you.

Thanks for stopping by — see you soon!



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