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It has taken me almost 3 years to publish this, literally. I originally created this page on October 25th, 2013. Creating a synopsis of who I am, seems daunting. I refuse to be defined — but I owe you a little something at this point– don’t I? Maybe I owe it to myself. Who knows. Either way — let’s not talk about the hours I’ve exhausted watching this cursor blink — |


My full name is Natasha Regina Chavis. I’ll refrain from digressing with narratives of nicknames. People know me by one or some combination of the three, so it’s important that you do too.

I am a Native American, December baby, in my mid-30’s. If you need more, anything you’ve ever read about a Sagittarius is true.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to build things. I didn’t know what people who built things were called so I told everyone I wanted to be an archaeologist until someone actually explained to me what an archaeologist does. That day I searched for a better description for my dream. I didn’t search far despite all that Webster had to offer — Architect — that’s what I would be. Needless to say — I was slightly off with that one too.

While I’ve always had vision, finding words to serve it justice has been a struggle. I discovered writing in spite; It was the weakness I chose whole-heartedly to embrace. It is reasonable for one to assume there is an unstated purpose for this blog. Writing has sustained me. I highly recommend it.

In addition — I will, until my last breath, be a problem solver. This skill, and the fact that I can only draft a very drab Goofy (Walt would be appalled), has led me to a more appropriate profession as an Engineer. Luckily, I still get to build things and am working diligently on Clean Energy infrastructure.

I am passionate about many things [building, family, community engagement, addressing the plight of Native Americans, education, women in business, seeing the world, excellence, pushing the envelope, evolving…] I could go on.

I have the privilege of being a Mother to one special little boy named Phoenix. Phoenix defined means — to rise from the ashes with a renewed spirit. He is without a doubt the better version of me.

I’ve never really known what life would throw my way — that’s no different now — but whatever it is — I will handle it with my usual lack of grace and a smile.

I love a theme — so here’s to owning it — moving on — and landing on your feet. Two times for the DIY Dreamcatchers.

Thanks for opening up to me — opening up to you.


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