Prior to relocating from Atlanta, I was introduced to a Medium by the Bad Betty committee (that’s just what I call by girlfriends–no big deal), and it was life changing; pun intended.

Despite my willingness to share the experience with anyone and everyone, what’s been most eye opening about it all, is the numerous folks that have responded with some version of: I don’t think I’d want to know.


Are you serious?

You have 1 life. ONE. …but you don’t want to know?

No comeprende.

I’m sorry, but that just does not compute for me, and it’s something I’ve been contemplating since February (when I first spoke to Lea Morgan). I have not been shy about sharing my experience but I have been shy about sharing my response to this response…

How does one possibly expect to live a life worth living, one with any degree of meaning, without directions or affirmations of their own thoughts and beliefs from something outside of themselves? How?

Let me tell you something — if nothing outside of your own mind is affirming a belief that you live by, there’s a word for that: narcissist. If you are content with living that far removed from this one and only experience called life, then all the best. I don’t think there’s a path to authentic joy along such lines of thinking, but I’m always open to being wrong.

I know this seems counter-productive to the entire commentary of “own and on” but let me explain. While I believe that we all have a unique experience that aligns to our individuality, I also believe in our connected-ness, and that it is only through this understanding of how our lives connect to those around us, before us, and after us that we can truly tap into our own potential.

When there are folks among us that can help facilitate such understandings, what is the hesitation?

Honestly, Lea didn’t tell me anything that I didn’t already know. The awe of it all was more around the fact that they were all things that SHE should not know. Sometimes, for whatever reason, we need additional layers of affirmation. For me, affirmations that are objective, are the the only ones that carry weight.

Needless to say, I highly recommend, and I highly recommend her.

If you choose not to give it a whirl, I hope you still take time to listen to those in our lives that now know the secret. They are constantly guiding us. Try to listen sooner rather than later, before you too, learn the secret, of the last breath.

Author: Regina Chavis

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