I think I’m missing something…

I think I’m missing something…

I think I’m missing something…

No! Actually – I know I’m missing something…

I vanish off the face of the Earth into a 4th dimension frantic, the phrase on repeat…as if my entire existence relies on an epiphany.

Finally, something comes to mind! I make the necessary phone call to address.


Six hours go by….

After a long day of traveling, it’s suddenly clear. That phone call – was a waste of time.

I’m missing everything.



My ENTIRE suitcase is at home – 350 miles away home. And as luck would have it, it’s not exactly the kind of weekend I can phone in. I have to be on – present. I have to be PREPARED.


I have one thing going for me – there’s no time to think about any of that. I set my alarm. 5.5 hours of sleep for the taking. I make the best of it.

Three days go by, somehow, I pulled it off. I think I used every lifeline imaginable, phoning every friend. It wasn’t until I returned home, that I was granted the head space to really think about the key takeaways:

  • For the millionth time, stop ignoring your own needs for the sake of others (everyone else depending on me that weekend, got what they needed),
  • Trust your gut (minus the panic attack),
  • Don’t settle on the first thing that comes to mind,
  • You can either fall apart, or phone in everyone you know to help hold you together,
  • When you have nothing, the show must go on, and
  • Pulling off the impossible, will do more for you than any physical possession ever could.

As always, I hope to spare you the process. But life, may have other plans. If it does, I hope to hear that you came to the same conclusions.



Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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