Team Work Makes the Dream Work

During the business school application process, I’d be willing to bet there was a specific statement that stood out regarding my definition of success. I can’t recall EXACTLY what I said, but it was a short narrative about my opinion on being #1 or “the best”. In my mind, that is not success. I am sure being an only child has in part shaped this core belief of mine…but I honestly…and simply…do not see the point in being the last wo/man standing.

In my 30+ years of life, I don’t think there’s a single achievement that I can claim obtaining all by my lonesome. So in my mind, it’s inevitable to feel that winning in life only makes sense in the context of collective effort (a likely contributor to why I’m also a huge believer in the power of love). What I know for sure, is that the list of things I’m not so good at, far extends that in which I am…I depend on others…we all do.

As a lifelong subscriber to this notion, it never ceases to amaze me how many people prefer the “every wo/man for themselves” approach to life. It seems so prolific…that I’m not sure people even recognize the difference.

I truly believe, if we care enough about moving the world forward (progress), we must learn to leverage our strengths and let others fill the void of our weaknesses. We absolutely must exploit the power of collaboration. I actually see negative value in becoming a leader; it is of no interest to me. However, I am 100% invested in becoming your accomplice in defying limits and I’m going to need you to claim your stake in all of this as well.

So in the famous words of Mr. Rogers…Could you be mine? I could never fathom a fraction of the countless possibilities without you.



Author: Regina Chavis

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