Time to Check-In

I’ve been staying in a LOT of hotels lately — too many — so in all honestly, that’s likely the subconscious root of this post. Regardless, it seems timely…

Life, is about to blow my current state of craziness, off the map. My day, my sanity, my future, all currently hinge on focus. Shamefully, this is not my MO. It is an ability — I have just (un)willingly invited distractions into my life to the point that making this shift will be a challenge in and of itself. It’s going to require clearly defined separation from people, places, and things.

True focus, for me, is a sweet spot. It’s a carefully crafted balance between growth and exhaustion. Once I’m there, in order to build and expand, I must clear out and establish a solid foundation (new habits). Having done this before, I know that during the excavation phase, you ALWAYS come across the unexpected. Someone, Some-place, Some-thing. But once things are in motion, you must keep going, taking full advantage of momentum. Nothing else matters. The true trajectory of your life requires nothing shy of your complete devotion.

Ironically, when it’s time to check-in, you must check-out. Check out of every person, place, and thing that does not fuel your fire. Check-out from everyone else’s passive attempts at life and check in to your own.

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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