It’s Our Blogiversary

…and just like that…another year has come and gone!

I really can not describe the gratitude I have for every person that’s taken the time to read my thoughts; it means the world to me. 

I have been writing for a very…very long time. However, when I was a little girl, a family member stole my diary and proceeded to read it to everyone in a crowded family room. I can’t say that I remember, but I think I had written about something silly like having eggs for breakfast. Regardless, at the time, it was more humiliation than this tiny girl could bear. I never wrote in that diary again. Instead, I put notes/thoughts everywhere, in numerous notebooks, and even more torn out slips of paper. I had to write, absolutely needed to, to get through life without exploding. Words have always been my outlet…

A few years later I wrote an autobiography in 8th grade that brought my teacher to tears. I received 10 pts extra credit despite extra credit never being on the table. It’s something that’s always been in me…needing to get out…my words…my story…why I am the way I am…without apology. I’m not there yet…but I’m a work in progress.

When I started this blog, I had just realized I was pregnant. No one knew — I wasn’t on the we’re trying, let’s celebrate kind of path — but at no point prior in life had the thought of what one tiny life could mean been so demanding. And well, if I was going to beg the question to my child, it seemed appropriate to examine my own life in addition.

So slowly…piece by piece…I started working on all the things that have been holding me back. Not getting my words out, which has been such a huge part of my process since inception, was one of them.

So, when I say it’s OUR Blogiversary…I’m talking to you too! My inner most thoughts were meant to be exposed. 2 years ago, I decided to grab those deeply buried — in the decades — feelings, and wrestle them to the ground. Thanks for your support, it’s been a tall order!

However, anyone can steal my diary now…because here it is:

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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