In the Zone

While football season is officially upon us…that’s not what this post is about…

I am drowning in purpose right now…I can FEEL it! It’s scary and exciting all at the same time. It’s forcing me to be confident. It’s forcing me to tune people out. It’s forcing my tank to be fueled from high octane failure. I love it. This is what I’ve been waiting for….wrong phrase…WORKING for.

I am passionate (that’s an understatement) about winning without deceit — and a firm believer that shame has no place. We are alllll deeply flawed human beings with unique gifts. Yet, so many, are willing to sacrifice character for popularity. People are dehydrated for happiness, for true satisfaction, yet at a loss on whether or not it’s real. This thirst has turned to full on hallucinations — it’s over there…just on the horizon. If you just reach a little further, crawl a little faster, thirst a little longer, you’ll get there. You’ll reach the promise land, where pure joy awaits. It’s a vicious philosophy that will command your entire existence, to no avail.

But happiness — my friend — is intrinsic. It is a feeling that comes from being intrinsically good, intrinsically true, intrinsically decisive, intrinsically consistent, intrinsically humble — intrinsically receptive to change, the unknown, and to others. It requires time…and effort…which is an extension of love. This is why love is all that their is — you absolutely MUST handle yourself with love — or face being eternally lost…searching.

I have been so discouraged lately…by a feeling that people are intrinsically bad…down right awful actually. I’ve been angry. Even though I’ve read A Return to Love (you should too) it just now clicked. Everyone is on their own path to this reality, the truth about where happiness resides. It has nothing to do with age or any other demographic. You can say and do all the right things to promote being a good person but it’s a definitive choice we have to make as individuals and some, for whatever reason, simply can’t see that. They are mindlessly in pursuit of un-happiness. Getting their attention is beyond leadership…it will take something truly inspirational…


Author: Regina Chavis

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