3 Simple Things That Hold Us Back

Feeling like a stick in the mud? Or even worse — quicksand? There are a few tough lessons I’ve learned the hard way that stand out like a sore thumb to me now with others. I have discovered that momentum is really fueled by three things:

The first is attitude. I don’t think I struggle with this one to the degree that a lot of people do. I am naturally a non-PIA (I just learned that acronym today and couldn’t WAIT to use it :D). So if that’s a struggle, I would highly suggest starting there. While it’s true you shouldn’t seek affirmation from others, you don’t necessarily want people rolling their eyes so hard you can hear it when you walk by either. Once you have mastered being pleasant, attitude is really about taking that same concept into everything you do, every person you meet, and every experience that comes your way. There is always something pleasant, always. Take it, and run.

The second is that you have to be decisive. YOU HAVE TO BE.

…and the third, is what you must keep in mind in the midst of your decision making…you have to have a CRYSTAL, clear vision of what you want. It’s simple, but not easy. Know what you want to the degree that you can’t find the words. Interrogate your soul until you are physically in tears. Figure out what makes your heart skip a beat. It’s not out here because YOU have to create it, on purpose.

When these 3 powers combine, I am the Captain of my planet. I hope they’ll do the trick for you too!

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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