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Google it…


It is our go-to response for every sentence that ends with a question mark.

Pretty cool…information on demand. There is no denying that this now integral-part-of-our-lives gadget, has had a tremendous impact on society. For the most part, I believe, for the better.

However it now seems, that people are becoming overly confident in subjects they know nothing about…simply because…they Googled it. We have lost sight (and respect) for the experts. So in a way, it has become a double edged sword. With so much information out there, it’s pretty close to impossible to disect fact from fiction. Not only that, it’s stressful!

Information overload, you, are, REAL.

With the explosion of resources, we’ve muddied the waters of knowledge with opinions, and lots of ’em. Lately, I’ve had to remind myself not to confuse information with knowledge; they are completely and utterly different. Information is theoretical, but knowledge is practical. Information can be hyperextended but knowledge is real. Information is valuable but knowledge is priceless. This “Google It” mentality…it’s only a matter of time before that bubble bursts, so take time to discover what you know for sure. We will all need the experts again soon!

Author: Regina Chavis

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