Rush Our

Maybe it’s my attempt at making up for generations of lost time (despite knowing there’s no such thing) or maybe it is undiagnosed ADD — either way — I’m almost always trying to accomplish 3297520513675 things at 1-time.

Hashtag – likeyesterday. Hashtag – fail. Hashtag – sowhat. Hashtag – herewegoagain

I need to start a support group called STOP (start-STOP 😀 hehe). Could you imagine? …receiving a random alert on your phone that just said STOP — I would die.

While I’m not signing up for that game, sometimes, life gives you no choice. For me, it’s such a normal state of mind, I often don’t even realize I’m in it — auto pilot is my comfort [battle] zone. 

…but today, in the middle of rush hour, it occurred to me — no matter how hard you stare at the person in front of you — you’re foot will not leave this brake peddle — anytime soon. With that, I did an over the top sigh and looked to my right, at which point I noticed a HUGE solar farm. I’ve driven down this road everyday — for months, without noticing.

No big deal — except — it’s HUGE.

So there I was, in rush hour, thinking (not by choice) what else about life has my attention to the degree that I’m missing the obvious? I can’t say I came up with a great answer, but the question alone was a milestone.

Rush hour may only happen twice a day, but rush OUR, can be a 24/7 rut.

I’m far from President of the STOP committee, but I might be someday…

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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