Silly Valentine

I’ve been addicted to news feeds today. In general, I LOVE a theme. So when the day comes that I get to love, LOVE! Best believe…I’m all over it!

I sent a mini shout out to quite a few friends, family, co-workers, and of course, my SOS (bae…or mc seem to be the more timely terms). Aside from all that–I was most interested in all of the Cupid-bashers. Excuse me if I cut to the chase but maybe…just MAYBE… if you’re single and turn a nose up at the thought of 2/14…there may be a correlation.

If you’re not “in love” for the love of God, find a way to smile for those who are…and why stop there? Smile for the love that’s all around you and the love you’ve yet to give. Smile for the fact that love exists, because without it, what else would there be? Smile in gratitude that you were made in love, to be loved, and to spread love. Smile because love is all that  there is. And THAT, alone is worth celebrating!

What’s not to love about love?

Silly Valentine, happy day!

Author: Regina Chavis

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