Dean Smith

“He was one of a kind and the sport of basketball lost one of its true pillars…However, his greatest gift was his unique ability to teach what it takes to become a good man. That was easy for him to do because he was a great man himself. All of his players benefited greatly from his basketball teachings, but even more from his ability to help mold men of integrity, honor, and purpose.” – Mike Krzyzewski #coach1K

To have a rival say that about you, in my opinion, is the true definition of having had a life worth living. Everyday, in this highly competitive world, the opportunity to hoodwink presents itself. Dean Smith is the perfect reminder that you can win with a clear conscious. That type of lesson on leadership is eternal.

There’s a key ingredient to being a great coach…a great anything…and it starts with being a great person. RIP Dean Smith.

Author: Regina Chavis

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