Spoiler alert, this has nothing to do with being Lumbee — although we do love this phrase.

[You do]

Shine yeah.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, I must say, I had every intention of being on a hiatus throughout this new blog release, however, this particular message continues to present itself in my life.

So, here we go…

Roughly one month ago, I noticed a solicitation from Own magazine, searching for readers that have inadvertently found their way to “shine”. And while I’m fairly sure I’ve written about happiness being a choice on numerous occasions, the idea of shining struck a particular nerve.

Here’s why…

Even once you evolve to a space where you realize happiness IS a choice, happiness, is something you can choose, despite your calling.

You can choose to be happy and unfulfilled.

You can choose to be happy in a life you never envisioned for yourself.

You can choose to be happy knowing your soul is not on fire.

You can choose to be happy simply for all of the world to see — that you CHOSE to be happy.

But, shining — shining is so, so, very different.

Shining in the world that we live in today, is almost guaranteed to feel lonesome. It may ironically, seem dark. Far and few in between, choose to shine; there’s no clear path to popularity OR understanding. Choosing to shine means darkness becomes irrelevant, and every human that tries to bring it to you is categorized as such by default.

Shining is when you can feel brand new — with a smile.

Shining is when only those that have discovered their own light, can gel with yours — yet none of that truly matters — because you already know…

Shining is when you say, this is me, take it or leave it — if you have to think twice — please leave it.

Shining is when you embrace the distance between those whom seem blinded, overwhelmed, vocal, or too absorbed in their own lives to receive and reciprocate what you’ve decisively decided to be.

Your best self.

The life you’ve relentlessly chosen to pursue.

Your purpose.

That which you’re so sure, yet uncertain of, all at once.

Your desires —  that forces you to — shine on.

Yes you — I see you — shine on.


Author: Regina Chavis

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