No Fear

…a slogan to remember from the 90s.

Funny thing is…I don’t think many do.

I’ve come to wonder, did the pioneer of this brand ever really have fear in the 1st place? I doubt it.

I could be wrong of course, but as someone who’s known fear well, I can say: in it’s presence…not having it…is not really an option.

Maybe a better slogan would have been WITH fear. In a conversation where fear is relevant, it becomes about acknowledging it but not feeding it. In the face of fear, you must do it anyway.

The way you do it anyway is with a vision that holds your attention longer than your fear, confidence in what you have to offer the world, and strength through faith to close the gaps (there will be gaps) on your weaknesses. Throughout it all, there is fear. Fear is ever present. It is critical to evolving. Without it, you are destined to be about as relevant as this brand.

So face your fears with focus, fortitude, and faith. I need a constant reminder of this…and thought it wouldn’t hurt to reel you in on this particular one. If acronyms are your thing…


Fear? I’ll take plenty!

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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