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I am officially aging myself when I say:

I LOVED this game as a kid!

If you were too cool for school (get it?!!! B-)), it was basically just a board game where the object was to catch a fish on a rotating board. Can’t believe you missed out on so much excitement? Don’t worry, I’ve tracked one down for you here : )

I could of never imagined thinking twice about this game as an adult, but it’s actually a great way to visualize that abstract phrase we’re supposed to master as adults: you are not your emotions.

Just as the fish, in this game, your emotions are constantly revolving–the good, the bad, the euphoric, the wretched. UNlike the game, the diversity in this particular pool, is vast and plentiful. When you become aware that you are the fisherman, on days when nothing great is biting you learn–patience–you know something worth waiting for is in those same waters. And while you have no control over which type will rear its head and when, you have total control over which to consume and which you throw back.

I’m no bass master, but when things seem to be getting the best of me, I take a deep breath and reel it in.