It’s the First of the Month

Wake up!

Well…it’s technically the 2nd now…but that’s irrelevant for the most part : )

How can you not love October?! Pumpkin spice–crisp mornings–FOOTBALL–and everything in-between! It also happens to be the start of friend-birthday season for me (I like cake!). And even though it’s the first double digit month–it seems like month one was just yesterday. Despite that, I think it’s also the month that gets everyone thinking–wow, this year’s coming to an end. And if you’re a do-er (the type of audience I write for) it’s a good time to start thinking about where you were, where you want to be, and how you’re doing in terms of progress.

If for whatever reason you’re feeling stuck, try using the 1st of the month as a new marker. It shouldn’t take, glitter, champagne, or the pressure to commit to some year long promise to choose a resolution. As I stated in my very first published blog, the time is now. Decide upon a simple, achievable goal each month. Fueling your spirt with a constant sense of accomplishment, will without a doubt lead to traction, which is fortunately, always accompanied by direction.

For me personally, I did the squat challenge last month, and in a future post…I’ll tell you what I got cooking for October. But just know, anything will work. Imagine the possibilities…no excuses…just do it…and most of all…

Happy fall y’all!

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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