To Be or Not to Be

Over 400 years later, that is still, very much, the question.

In a recent conversation, I was talking to a local business owner in hopes of gaining some insight into the business culture here in Austria (a country I’m currently visiting), specifically in terms of meeting someone for the first time. His response: if you’re “too” anything: wealthy, pretty, etc. — don’t show it; Austrians are a very envious people.

Admittedly, I immediately started to think back on prior encounters. Had I done something wrong? What should I keep in mind for my next meeting? My mind was going a million miles per minute until I recognized the need to correct myself — SNAP OUT OF IT!

If there’s been one consistency in my life, it’s that when I’ve “tried” to be __________ , I’ve failed miserably. After all, that is the whole purpose of thirty30, to explore who you are, differentiate between your wishes, wants, and will, and then to be who you were intended to be, NOT who you were trying to be.

What’s the difference? When you are on Purpose, everything is effortless, even that which seemed difficult before, caused you pain in the past, frustrated you in the past, disappointed you in the past. The exact same people, things, situations, have no effect on you; you are in YOUR lane. If life doesn’t take you in the direction you thought, when you’re being your authentic self, you recognize that it was just a thought, and keep going.

Your purpose is your auto-pilot, destine to take you where you’ve never been before. Our need to be in control sometimes creates an expectation around the next bend, but when you go ’round, only to find another bend, don’t pull over, back-track, or try to figure out how you got off track. Stay in your lane, and let the thought pass. This life is a one-way ticket, that can far exceed our expectations, so-long as we can remember to just BE.

Watering down the essence of who you are, with who your are not, will not quench your thirst to feel victorious. By definition, a dilution is weak.

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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