The Present Plan

We’ve all heard it said a million different ways…live in the moment…carpe diem…the only time you have is the present…so where do you draw the line? While now and five years from now may be finite points, it’s not wise to focus only on the former and ignore the latter to the point that you devalue the window of opportunity that lies in between. After all, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail, TRUST ME.

I was reminded of how strongly I believe this to be true in a recent conversation. I was talking to someone about my current goals and how I want to keep a few things in mind as I go along. i.e. where I see myself living when it comes time to raise a family. Things I have a pretty clear cut stance on. As so many folks often offer, I was greeted with the classic “…don’t think about those things because who’s to say that’s how life will pan out. So why even worry about it?”

God bless you if you live your life that way, I however, do not.

I’ve lived long enough to be fully aware that plans don’t always…actually rarely do they…work out. That’s OK!  To me…that is the key. You must learn to go with it and make incremental changes. Just because your plans never work out, doesn’t mean you fail to make any!  Why would you do that? Are you giving up? Waiting for a sign? …the Universe? …a message from God? If that is the case, when will you see, they’re all waiting on you!

Life is a conversation, but you must START it. You must have your own sense of direction, which is the derivative of a plan. If you’re headed for disaster or need to reconsider some things, life will let you know. The present moment is all that you have to engage or interpret where you’re headed but sometimes those precious moments, need to be allocated to thinking about your future.

Author: Regina Chavis

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