February…come back…I lost you! Not that I’m complaining, but I’m really having a hard time believing March is only 2 days away. It’s been quite the hectic month on my end. I’ve been up in the air for the most part:

Austria >> DC >> North Carolina >> Chicago >> Austria >> London >> Austria

If only there existed a single airline to report all of those miles to…smh.

Upon my departure, I kept working on thirty30 despite the fact that doing so required passing up much needed sleep, and neglecting, to some degree, the commitments that gave reason to my travel in the first place. I felt obligated to keep things going in spite of it being a one-woman show, however eventually, I had to give myself a reality check….

I can’t do it-all!!!

If I earned a dollar for every time I had to tell myself that, there’d be no need for any other type of employment. I think my next attempt to come to terms with this simple concept will require graffiti inside my apartment which will repeatedly say: Chase 2 rabbits, Catch 0

Finally, I gave my guilty conscious the ultimate smack down and focused on the tasks at hand…and just to rub it in…I took an entire day to do absolutely nothing upon my return. When you’re feeling a bit over-extended, just remember, you’re the only one who can reel it.

Wishing you an equally, rejuvenating, hiatus,


Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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