Extra Extra – Read All About It

I haven’t lived in 1 place for 3 years, in a VERY long time. Needless to say, it wasn’t by choice. The world shut down…so I guess I can’t take FULL credit…if any 😀

Either way, the time is now: time to move on.

For once, my hand was forced; I needed that.

The process of ridding my life of the numerous things I’ve consumed during this transition, was necessary, painful, and cathartic. I am very much still in the process of processing it all. I could not believe my own life. As shocking as it may sound, that was a first 😀

One of the many things I’m still trying to get over is, how did I become a person that NEEDS black on black, No. 2, finely sharpened pencils? Do you understand the great lengths I had to go to to maintain an array of these at all times??? Which of course I did! …and I wish I could say that was it…but each one had a unique gold embossed statement: What’s your point…I don’t give a No. 2…Get the lead out…

Clearly, I am not making this up!

While I will never experience freedom from the intricate details of life (and I’m not asking to), I had started to leverage this ability on the most irrelevant of things. Pencils are fun, kitschy, and say so much about me in general…but the low down dirty truth is..in the grand scheme of life, they are, very much, irrelevant. Where did I go left; how did my energy get so fragmented that I was now forced to donate, give, or toss it away? Where did all of this stuff come from???

It’s been a couple of weeks since I said goodbye to the last two boxes and the time spent reflecting since has helped me realize that I donated, gave, and tossed my energy away — long ago. If I had to offer up an estimate, I would say about 4 months into the pandemic, I gave it all away — or did I?

The entire premise of this blog is that we are co-creating our realities, whether we realize it or not. There was only one way to manage the fragmented reality of my life. One piece and one day, at a time. While overwhelming, I knew I could manage it, because I created it. I needed constant reminders, so I created those too. When the level of effort far surpassed what I had estimated, I leaned on God to see me through.

Whatever you want to overcome in life, rest assure that you can. You were a champions of it’s creation and you can be the champion of the change. When you’ve done everything you can, I promise you, God will see you through too.

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