Are you spiritual?

I can not claim to understand what anyone means when they say this…but what I know for sure (Mamma O taught me well)…is that we are wired to desire, seek, and experience something far beyond our physical existence. Unfortunately, it seems most of us are consumed by desire, while some find the courage to seek, and few get to ascend to the seemingly allusive experience.

Like all things that enter the physical realm, I believe it comes down to practice.

Practice requires action (another core tenet of #ownandon). I hope in sharing my intention in this area, it will inspire you to establish one of your own. I hope it is clear that I believe writing is essential, but to clarify a step further…this is the construct I’ve found most meaningful:

[absolute truth] = [trait(s) displayed] + [what I will do] + [desired result]

This is my approach applied to spirituality:

[God is my beacon]; spirituality is how I [display my conviction for doing my part], [give thanks for the way], and [honor the Source].

From there, I expand on each element in a little more detail — until I am clear on who I am, and, what I need to do:

[Display my conviction for doing my part]:

  • I am clear
  • I am confident
  • I am consistent

[Give thanks for the way]:

  • Every morning, I express gratitude for the opportunity
  • Every time I feel challenged, I express gratitude for strength
  • Every time a door closes, I express gratitude for a new direction

[Honor the Source]:

  • Every morning, I sit with God
  • Every provision, I honor God first
  • Every opportunity associated with an accomplishments, I accredit God first

Who are you, and what are you doing here? I can’t promise it will satisfy the inquisitors on the subject…but it will certainly satisfy you…and the One from which we were all created.

Happy Sunday!

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