Living on the edge? …I found the answer.

It’s been a while…

It’s hard to know where to begin…when it was never meant to seem like an end…

Fourteen drafts, all in limbo, over 1 question: what else have you been consuming?

To be EXACT — fourteen drafts, all in limbo over ^the answer to, 1 question: what else have you been consuming?

What a profound question; take a bite, chew on it — see for yourself.

In my all too eager form, I did my homework and without warning — the answer consumed me. The answer, full of what seemed like never-ending sources of pain and sadness; was only seemingly new. The answer immobilized me in ways a pandemic never could. I wanted to wake up well again, and day after day, I woke up simply being…well…again. The answer catapulted me to what seemed like the edge of a canyon, pressed pause, and got high off my vertigo. It took more weeks than I can count, to rightfully call it — the answer.

For many days, to my own surprise, I opened my eyes to no choice but to receive — the answer. I can certainly now acknowledge, that it was more of a combination of helplessness and being overwhelmed, that ultimately lead to, exhaustion. However, I know, with the grace of God, I can crawl my way through exhaustion, even the teary-eyed version. It was this air of familiarity that helped me truly see, the answer…the most pressing aspect of the answer…there is no need to feel this way, ever again.

…no need, to do the hard things alone, ever again. I’ve shared the treasured awareness here before: the only way to, is through. How cute, as always — easier said than done. Please forgive me; I overlooked the canyon. The answer, required action, commitment, and support — in a way I hesitate to call by name. By name, most will go blind to the nature: take action, be committed — referred to here as — the answer.

If everything about the last two years hasn’t made you question the immortality of words, the essence of truth, and occasionally if the apocalypse is today — or tomorrow — you haven’t gone toe to to with — the answer. I’m not gonna lie…I can’t blame you. We went toe to toe by accident, or fate I propose. It all seemed so harmless, realizing the answer to 1 question: What else have you been consuming?


Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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