Love Rx

I will forever be inspired by this day. I salute you Hallmark. It may not be in the proper light, but even the salt-iest of humans must face love today. Regardless of your natural reaction, cupid is a sly guy that won’t let up without at least a moment’s notice.

You’ve heard me say it several times, in some form or another, and even though I don’t aim towards romance in this virtual space of mine, I can’t help but to talk about love, often — every chance I get.

Love, is the pillar of my belief system; THE pillar. I believe it is the pillar of all of humanity and existence. Everything in life boils down to love, or its absence, fear — light/dark, good/evil, yin/yang. Call it what you choose. I call it love.

Innately, I believe we all know this, but our human tendencies choose to complicate things/life.

Love is not about a partnership. That’s such I micro, sliver of its meaning.

Love is the answer to every problem.

Love is ALL THAT THERE IS (screams from mountain top).

Love is not out there, next to you, outside of you, around the corner, on its way, waiting for the right time, in the possession of your soul mate that hasn’t made his/her way to you yet. Love IS NOT something someone else can give you. If you don’t understand this fundamental, no amount of love in the world can save you.

You are love. Any other belief is rooted in its absence but has many aliases: emptiness, loneliness, depression with only one cure.

We are love, but what we choose to believe is arbitrary.

It is my daily prayer, but 2/14 always seems like a great day to double down.

Believe in love, and you’ll discover the purpose of us all.

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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