I’ve said it time and time again…I LOVE you, Love!

Yet recently, I blasted out another confusing social media message that conveyed quite the contrary. I said something to the effect of — when someone disappoints you, remember no one can love you more than they love themselves — Instantly, I received a phone call from a friend — Are you ok?!

My response (as I shook my head): Aside from failing to articulate what I truly think about love (AGAIN) I couldn’t be better!

If you really know me, then you know, for the most part, I’m fairly “quiet” as some might say. The truth of that however, is that I am a deep thinker. I learn entirely from observing, more so than I ever could from running my mouth. This aspect of my personality can often come across as a false positive for being a wall-flower. However, when I feel strongly about something — watch out!

Love, just so happens to be one of those somethings. I’ve yet to meet my partner in crime, but one thing I know for sure — I KNOW how to love. I get it. I get love.

Love is — a byproduct of every execution. Love, or the absence of love, shows up in everything. Every. Single. Thing that you do. I am constantly working on my love towards God, my parents, my son, my co-workers, my friendships, my neighbors, my community, my country, and (while it’s been a work in progress) myself.

The statement that I blasted, actually had nothing to do with a traditional SOS. That particular day, it had to do with a friend. Anger was brewing until I heard a statement in line with the message I posted. I can’t even remember who said it, or where I was at the time. All I can remember is that– THAT — was the moment it all made sense. I let it go.

While I know that disappointments are projections, it still infuriates me when someone takes love for granted. But here’s the deal — long, long ago, long before the word relationship had any real meaning in my life. I came to a fork in the road as a child. Either fall in line, conform, learn to fit in, and enjoy the fruit of acceptance (so-called “love”) or take a leap of faith, be yourself, and risk it all in search of the real deal elsewhere. I chose the latter. Society hasn’t made it easy to be so bold, and some folks are just going through the motions awaiting their own personal, light bulb moment.

What I’ve learned the most by making the unpopular choices, is that it takes a while, but worth it, in the end, is an understatement. Nothing, not one thing, is greater than the power of love. Why do you think people sell themselves short everyday, just for the watered down version (attention)? Love is the reason that we’re here. If you’ve yet to learn that, pause for this virtual hug…


…you have not lived. However, in light of its power, it is equally important to understand the power of its absence: When someone hurts you in life (I’m not talking about surface stuff here) you simply need to know that they are not in a good place. They can’t be — they may never be. — Either way — you have to let it go.

Love propels you forward. It is the ONLY positive force in life. Succumbing to it may mean going at life alone. It is the ultimate high. Those who don’t get it will still gravitate forward, in your direction, in an effort to suck it out of you. Everyone knows how good it is, they just don’t understand where it stems from. When you are determined to love, you have to be equally determined to let go. You also have to know that love is what stands between you and everyone, everything, everywhere. To believe its only applicable to the person you crawl in bed with is quite acute — and not so cute.

Let Love live out loud. Let it be in its natural state — Everywhere — Happy Valentine’s Day! xoR

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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