Dear Love,

Musiq Soulchild was right–so many people use your name in vain.

I knew for sure I would write about you today, but as irony always has it, you seemed to be the topic of conversation–thirty30 removed.

I mean–even the songs in the background as a patron today, seemed to mention you. In an effort to capture your prevalence in my day, I ig-ed a well known verse about you, to which I immediately regretted. Not so much in a desire to avoid you, but in acknowledgment of its injustice to you. You evade words, but still I, we all, try…

The photo I shared is of 1 Cor. 13; 4-8. While a great description, its usual context (marriage), is what made my post slightly misleading. The way I see it, marriage, has largely come to be (but not always) for show. And while I know that goes against the very core of what you represent; let’s set that aside. My immediate regret was more so about the fact that the photo would be immediately perceived as a romantic (or anti-romantic) gesture–when I KNOW, you are not confined to romantic affairs.

You–love, are all that there is. YOU are all that really matters. From how we relate to our parents, our children, our friends, to so much more: the stranger, the homeless, the merchant behind the counter–our neighbor, our hairdresser, our garbage worker, YOU are all that matters. All that there is. The only thing that my or anyone else’s “purpose” boils down to.  YOU are the only path to satisfaction in this life and I will do my best to serve up more justice when I mention you. It’s an impossible feat it seems, but I vow to die trying. I failed you in my mention today, but thankfully, that’s just par for the course to figuring you out.

In all your wonder…you continue to grant me another chance.

And for that I offer my most sincere, thank you.

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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