You’re Approved!

When I first started pulling everything together for thirty 30, I though of a million people that I should run things by before going live. Everything from the host, to the appearance, to the type of content. I even started an “in the meantime” blog just to stay in the habit of writing in the midst of all the other line items on the agenda.

Then it dawned on me…a dream is personal! Only I can see the end goal because I am the only one privé to the vision. Simultaneously…I remembered a Lifeclass statement from Dr. Phil…the only difference between a dream and a goal…is a timeline. So I decided, why over-extend myself in search of approval when I have a deadline to meet!

Approval comes bundled with a dream…all you have to do is believe…and focus on your milestones until your vision becomes a reality. Seeking what you already have…and what no one else can truly give you anyway…will only set you back.

Maybe I’m a Pretty Woman fan because it’s the ultimate chick flick…but I’m also a big fan (and avid user) of the first AND last line in the movie…

“Wha’ ‘s yo’ dream?” J

Author: Regina Chavis

Let go and grow -- I can help!

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