Hey! I’m Someone…

When the goin’ gets tough, it’s easy to feel like you’re all alone in the fight. Those you thought would be there, whom you have been there for, often are not. People get offended when you have to excuse yourself from their life momentarily, in defense of your own. AND, are bold enough to make it known, either directly or indirectly, that you will never return to your former status in their eyes. Loved ones, friends, and acquaintances can become so opinionated they leave you questioning…where. is. the. looooooooove? #blackeyedpeas #03 #sidetrack

The thing to remember during these times is…it’s all around you. Open your mind to the possibility that when you need Someone the most, Someone will show up. Someone may be unfamiliar and Someone may catch you off guard; but, if at the very least, you have faith that Someone will come along, you’ll be less likely to turn the other cheek when Someone offers a helping hand.

No one, gets anywhere alone. It is impossible. Anyone being weeded out of your life is on purpose, to allow room for a more fruitful relationship. If you’re still stuck in the thoughts/anger/bitterness of those who’ve let you down,  try offering your support/smile/time to someone new. Once you dare to encourage, it’ll be easier for you to identify those sources in your own life.

Who in your life can you offer guidance to, and who in this life can you look to for guidance?

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