What’s your excuse…just do it! #nike

Fit mom…you should be ashamed of yourself!!!


Women have gone absolutely nuts over this photo:

Screen Shot 2013-10-25 at 12.52.21 PM

…I mean BAT crazy! …saying that she’s fat-shaming (what exactly does that mean anyway) or that she’s not prioritizing her children. Why is it when women take care of themselves, it is viewed as a PROBLEM? There is already enough pressure to be everything to everyone first without our own reinforcement. 

And please, for the love of God, stop being a daily martyr for your children! In no way is that of benefit to them. All the while you’re “sacrificing for your children” your actually sacrificing YOUR children. It’s not imperative that kids learn how to put themselves last in order to face the world, quite the contrary. And the truth is, those sacrifices have nothing to do with the child anyway. Somewhere along the way, you learned that your needs/desires are irrelevant in the grand scheme of life…or maybe in more general terms…you learned that love comes at a price. None of those things are true…not a single one.

The world needs strong women…and strong women to raise more strong women (and men)! We are the women…mothers…nurturers of the world…we MUST set a better example…

Stop (any kind of)-shaming one another and make a little time for you!


…trying to keep those buns in check on the fly? Here are a couple of my go-to online videos. The best part is, you can do 15 minutes, or the whole hour…whatever floats your boat:

Tae Bo 

P90x Plyo

I also have a series of leg exercises: 25 plies, 25 standing squats, 25 right leg lunges, and 25 left leg lunges (all fast paced pulses). My goal is to do 4 sets of the series but if I only get 2-3 in, I don’t beat myself up over it. Typically I take periodic breaks while I’m doing housework to get a set or 2 in.


…by no means am I suggesting that the only way to take time for you is at a gym or via working out. You can read…watch a show/movie you like…get a manicure…have a glass of wine with a girlfriend…whatever you do…just do you! J

How do you take a little time for you?

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