Shooooow me the moneeeeeeeey!

If you’ve had $ woes can I get an amen…AMEN!

Now $ woes doesn’t JUST mean constantly coming up short. It can also mean you’re so paranoid about spending a dollar that the mere thought makes your heart skip a beat. Either way, you feel there’s never enough. You just respond differently to that feeling than the person who’s constantly in the negative.

If you’re in persistent search of a little more change…chances are…you need to change. Our thoughts about money are formed at a very young age, unbeknownst to us.

At the core, $ is a resource. When you struggle with it, it’s because at some point along the way, you felt like you didn’t have what you needed. You felt the supply available to you was not sufficient to meet your needs. The deficiency may have presented itself in a multitude of ways: love, family, food, shelter, friends, courage, respect, privacy, knowledge, talent, encouragement, opportunity, etc. Your $, is simply where those same feelings present themselves later on in life. The relationship you have with your $, will be shaped by the same thoughts and feelings you have about your past resources. Before you can get your $ right…you have to come to terms with the hand you were delt.

Whatever the universe provided to you as a child is and was enough. In fact, it was more than enough; it was exactly what you needed, even the negative and injustices. All of those occurrences were meant to direct you in to a purpose, driven, life. Until you realize that AND appreciate it, you will always fear not having enough…and whatever you fear…you will attract. It will knock you off your feet time and time again until you show up with fully developed, thought-based strength. I for one can testify!

What do your wounds from the past, bleed into today? 

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